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game over

game over, jaejoong/heechul

647 w., flirty, a bit of making-out. :)

heechul and jaejoong like to play games with each other. but one day, jaejoong is going to win and then it'll be game over.

a/n: lyrics from 'sorry sorry' by super junior. also inspired entirely by said darn song! i have listened to it way too much now! :(( ps. this is my first jaechul! comments/feedback would be highly appreciated! :)))


Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
naega, naega, naega meonjeo


Pretty butterfly-with wings of gossamer that glisten gold under the sunlight-but I like you like this too-wantonly needy-you flitter away, out of my grasp yet again-


He tenderly brushes the bangs away from the older man’s forehead. Pale skin is flushed and-hey there, lover, can I call you that for tonight?


Heechul smiles. Strange and expanding from another whelm altogether; just within his reach. Beautiful and fierce, erotic and his-why not be possessive when he got there first? Why not reach out for something now within his reach, trap and ensnare-


The truth is painful and injuring to his ego; Heechul has him completely captivated. None of the older man’s actions have made sense in the past and they only add to his confused response.


“You are such an infuriating man,” he hisses, nipping sharply on Heechul’s neck. “Why have I had to chase all over town just to-”


“Its fun,” Heechul says, smiling that strange little smile of his again and Jaejoong wants to scream in despair. Instead he lets out a strangled sound and pulls the older man in for a bruising kiss.


“This is why its fun,” Heechul says softly. Jaejoong is caught, captured, utterly ensnared in those knowing eyes that burn into him, leaving him feeling utterly naked and open to the older man.


“You come out to find me. I like it very much, dongsaeng.”


nuni busyeo, busyeo, busyeo
sumi makhyeo, makhye,  makhyeo

“Who was that man who was-who was-”


“No one.”


“…you knew him.”


“I know you too.”


“Do I make a difference?” Jaejoong asks him, voice gone husky and sexy. A long finger reaches out and plays with his navel mercilessly. Heechul moans and Jaejoong watches him with playful eyes, refusing to desist from teasing.


“You do,” he affirms desperately but the fingers start to wander lower, tracing hangul all over his lower abdomen. Heechul smirks and decides to play along. Maybe he’ll get a reward.


“Jaejoong.” He purrs and the younger man smiles in delight, leaning in to kiss him full on the lips. It is sweet and filled with an aching longing for more but Heechul is incapable of offering so much of his soul. He likes playing guessing games with Jaejoong, though.


Another word. This time, Heechul shivers and turns his head away.


“What is it?” Heated whisper, breathing hotly on his neck, hungry, wet kisses planted everywhere on his nape. “Tell me, hyung, what is it? What did I write?”




“Mine,” Heechul says hoarsely and is rewarded with tiny, moist kisses all over his face.


“Very good,” Jaejoong murmurs, nuzzling his nose. Heechul slaps his cheek lightly and gets up. He pulls on his shirt and fixes his hair, peering at his face in the mirror.


“Hyung, I’m cooking for the night,” Jaejoong says uncertainly, slight flush on his cheeks. “Stay-”


Pause. Then-


“Oh, Jaejoongie,” Heechul laughs lightly. “I’m afraid you picked the wrong man to fuss around. Go play mother hen to someone slightly more-domestic. You’re pretty and I like playing. So-”


Heechul kisses him softly on the cheek.


“Next time, dongsaeng. Better luck, next time. You can’t catch me so easily.”


naega michyeo michyeo baby


Jaejoong touches his cheek and smiles stupidly. He buries his head in the pillows, breathing deeply and sprawled out on his bed.


“One day, I’ll catch you, hyung,” He says and yawns deeply. Heechul’s expensive cologne pervades his apartment, seeped into his bed sheets and all over him. The older man has left imprints of himself on his cheek, in his heart, all over his hands. He likes challenges and playing games with Heechul.


Pretty butterfly-with wings of gossamer that glisten gold under the sunlight-but I like you like this too-wantonly needy-you flitter away, out of my grasp yet again-

-but someday I’ll catch you. Then, it’ll be-


Game over.




Tags: fanfiction: dbsk, fanfiction: super junior, pairing: jaejoong/heechul
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