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Blood and Tears [2b/3]

Title: Blood and Tears
Author: purplehaze_33
Pairing: Jaejoong/Yoochun, Yoochun/Junsu, Junsu/Jaejoong, Yoochun/Jaejoong/Junsu, Changmin/Junsu, Yunho/Changmin, R for violence.
Genre: Noir, Lemon
Word Count: 1,762 w. [this part]
Summary: I'm going in for the kill/I'm doing it for a thrill/I'm hoping you'll understand/And not let go of my hand
A/N: This part is In for the Kill which is completely inspired by La Roux's In for the Kill which was also listened to on repeat while writing this. x)

Previous parts: 1 | 2a

In for the kill

Yunho ran his eyes critically over the new man they'd just selected from tryouts. He'd been out through the most rigorous ordeal in entire life and never once did he cry out in pain. Instead on his face, was an expression of almost manic determination and Yunho had selected him immediately, much to Jaejoong's displeasure. Kim Junsu was a survivor; they all were but he'd get through anything.

Yoochun and Jaejoong had the most potential and there was no denying that. However, the difference lay in the fact that they had each other and thus, something to lose. Junsu had nothing. He'd be perfect and they would now be five.

Jaejoong had barged into his office, anger writ large on his face. For the first time, Yunho had noted something about his colleague looked a little off.

"That new recruit," The older man hissed, hair tousled from running fingers continuously through it. "He's fucked."

"Call him Kim." Yunho said coldly, reclining back in his chair. "I fail to see the difference between the two of you, Jaejoong. So he's a little fucker. What gives you the right to come barging in without permission no less, to whine about him?"

Jaejoong's eyes darkened. His hands clenched into fists and Yunho knew that if there was no difference in authority, he would have struck him. This was beginning to get highly entertaining.

"He keeps looking at Yoochun." Yunho scoffed, giving him a dirty look that clearly said Jaejoong would have to try better than that. It was just silly sulking. "Both of us, at times. He's a little freak. There's nothing he's obsessed with more than my lover-"

The leader threw his head back, laughing. He turned his chair and faced the window, mentally weighing this new tension between his boys. It would be good for Junsu and Jaejoong. At least, they'd compete and he'd get good work done. Good work translated to an even better reputation which meant more financial aid from NIS. They did the dirty work for NIS: cleaning out corrupt officers, retired officers carrying a wealth of information in their heads, any spies from the North or any other cheeky fools. Their group was the most highly spoken of and Yunho got inundated with so many requests at times, he had to pass it on to the other groups. There was nothing official about this; the minute anything came to light to the main government, they would be dismissed. It was a clear, effective means to keep the streets clean.

They were the real police.

"He's going to give you nothing but trouble." Jaejoong was practically spitting now. "I beg you to reconsider your choice-"

The dart was so fast and Jaejoong could never have seen it coming. It hit him hard on the shoulder and he bit his lips, trying not to scream or cry from the pain. Yunho didn't appreciate tears. The chair swivelled around and Yunho rested his head on interlinked fingers, eyes wide and smile sweet.

"Please feel free to point out any more concerns you might have about our new recruit," Yunho murmured. "But let's get this one thing straight. You ever question my choices one more time, I'll fill a little something-something in my dart and it'll be aimed for bull's eye, if you know what I mean. I rarely miss, Kim."

Jaejoong had slammed the door shut on his way out and Yunho sighed, wondering if it would ever be possible for his older colleague to display manners once in a while. No matter, he'd get that new boy to do it for him.

"What do you think about Kim Jaejoong, boy?" He smiled as the kid considered his question seriously.

"We're the same height," Junsu answered carefully. "If we wore shades, our hair was dyed the same colour and cut similarly, I could possible pass for him if it was dark. We could create a little confusion if it was needed."

Clap. Clap. Clap.

"This is exactly why I hired you, Kim." Yunho licked his lips, looking satisfied, like a contented cat. "You'll go far, boy. Just remember that Jaejoong doesn't...like you very much. Get him to appreciate you a little more. Play nice."

Junsu nodded, smiling widely. Yunho looked at that smile and knew what exactly was reeling Park Yoochun in.

That smile made Kim Junsu really something to look at. No wonder Jaejoong was all over the place with jealousy.


"Stay away from Yoochun."


"He's much more mine than yours."

"He loves me too."

Shallow breaths. Hate and anger spreading like wildfire in the space between two adversaries.

"Let's make a deal."


Junsu sighed; body fully slammed against his bedroom wall. Jaejoong was breathing fast and this was one of those rare times, Yoochun wasn't there. Even better, when they decided to play, it wasn't very nice. They'd pull at hair, bruise lips, scrape nails down backs and fuck so hard, neither walked without a limp the next day.

"I fucked him in the shower this morning." Junsu smiled as Jaejoong left his mouth, sucking hard on his neck. That mark would be purple tomorrow.

Jaejoong laughed. "He fucked me last night, Kim Junsu." He said mockingly. "Need I remind you that you had front-seat tickets to the show?"

"Oh yeah," Junsu's mouth was warm, pressed to Jaejoong's forehead. They stopped the kissing to look each other in the eye; staring contest. Jaejoong won, Junsu broke off into a fit of giggles.

"I used your name last night." Junsu whispered, arms closing around Jaejoong to hold him in a tight embrace. Jaejoong returned it just as much, sighing in satisfaction. Bodies melted into each other, the fight left their kissing, just a little. It had become more passionate and fierce.

"Okay, good." Jaejoong nodded. They had a book in which each would record names used at which places. It was beginning to become a highly successful and effective technique as much their threesome arrangement was turning out to be.

"Don't get used to it." Junsu smirked, slipping hands under Jaejoong's shirt, rubbing his sides and enjoying the feel of smooth, warm skin. "I missed Yoochun like hell. But...I missed you just a little too."

"Well then," Jaejoong's eyes were alight with mischief. "I may or may not have missed this ass and the things we like to do to it."

The light bantering continued, mocking and playful.

When Junsu recalled these moments with Jaejoong, he wrapped arms around himself. He admitted to himself, there was this tiny urge just to see Jaejoong again for the sake of seeing him. Jaejoong probably wanted it too. Old times sake.

Was it possible to hate and love someone so much like Junsu hated and loved Jaejoong? But his betrayal had been too cold, too much against the rules. Both times he'd hurt except this one had been too much to take.

Was it possible to love someone so much like he'd loved Yoochun? There was his answer. Yoochun.


He looked at his cell phone vibrating, ID displaying Unknown Caller. Should he pick it up? It might be-

Junsu pressed the phone to his ear, eyes blank as he heard the sound of heavy breathing. It was Jaejoong, as expected.

"I really, really want to see you." Jaejoong whispered, tone seductive and soothing.

"Told Yunho not to give you this number." Junsu sighed. If there was one thing Jaejoong loved, it was mind games. Fine. He'd play his ex's silly games.

"Did you dry your eyes yet?" Jaejoong laughed. "Are they still red? You should find me, we can console each other. I miss him terribly, Junsuyah. It's so lonely, baby."

"What makes you think I'll allow you a byebye fuck?" Junsu hissed.

Lips were pursed and Junsu knew his ex had just kissed the receiver. He gritted his teeth. Jaejoong was not just toeing the line, he was way out of it.

"Old times sake, Junsu." Jaejoong murmured. "You're so confident of your abilities, aren't you? My, I wonder at your arrogance. You think Yoochun wouldn't want me to win?"

"What did you write on his back?" Junsu said menacingly. His eyes were beginning to dilate, pouty lips parted. He knew Jaejoong was breathing just as hard. This was becoming exciting in all the wrong ways.

"I'll save you the trouble of having to find out through Yunho's silly spy," Jaejoong's voice was low and deep. He was aroused, Junsu knew that. This was making him heady too. "I wrote it slowly, ever so slow while he kissed me with all he had. It was rather sad, he was crying. I told him to dry his eyes. He asked me to write it for him. I asked him nicely. Soulmate."

Anger washed over him again. Junsu was furious. "He loved me more."

"There was some fondness for you." Jaejoong admitted grudgingly. "Are you angry, Junsuyah? Do you want to kiss me right now? I want you so badly. Let's be with each other again. I'll pretend you're Yoochun. You can pretend too."

Junsu calmed down. He hung his head in shame. Jaejoong knew how to draw things out, make someone giddy with the very prospect of fucking him. He'd already been there, done that. No doubt Jaejoong would use it on him when they met. He leaned back in Yoochun's chair, one tear running down his cheek. Jaejoong knew how to hurt. Well then, he'd give as good as he got.

"I'm in Yoochun's office, baby." He whispered, hearing the silent hiss. Jaejoong didn't like that. "Do you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to burn all those photo albums with the two of you. Cut you out from those pictures with the three of us. I'm burning away all those moments you shared with him."

Jaejoong was crying and cursing him. "Well? What are you waiting for?" He choked. "Find me. I'm waiting."

The phone was cut and Junsu wiped his eyes. He set about doing exactly what he'd promised Jaejoong.


Junsu locked the door to the office. He shot the officer on watch and watched the man struggle, blood spilling all over the floor.

"If a man comes here and says his name is Kim Junsu, tell him Jaejoong burnt it all." He said unemotionally. "Tell him this: Jaejoong's going in for the kill. If the Director comes looking for me, tell Jung I'm never coming back again."

The man groaned out his assent. Junsu nodded in approval and left. He would never see this godforsaken place again.

Tags: series: blood and tears
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