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Blood and Tears [2a/3]

Blood and Tears

Jaejoong/Yoochun (main), Yoochun/Junsu, Junsu/Jaejoong, Yoochun/Jaejoong/Junsu, Changmin/Junsu, Yunho/Changmin, R for violence.
Noir, Lemon, 1198 w.

Weaknesses were supposed to be exploited and Jaejoong on his knees was irresistible. Yoochun could never get enough of it.

A/N: This part is The Other Kim. More pairings have been added. x), I had this part written already. So, here it is. Feel free to point out typos; chapter must be chock-full of them. XD/nervous

The Other Kim

Junsu propped his booted feet on the desk, swivelling the heavy black leather chair around and running his hands lightly along the sides. Yoochun truly had extravagant tastes, he thought. The tears had been shed in silence. He'd stayed in his room, thankful for the privacy his room offered. Changmin had been suspicious and in a mood for asking questions but Junsu had dissolved a couple of pills in his lover's coffee and put him to sleep.

He had no desire to answer all those probing, calculating questions. Changmin knew him as Kim Jaejoong and that was the name on the marriage certificate signed in a dingy court room. The marriage had been one of convenience and Junsu had taken vindictive pleasure in the fact that Jaejoong owed him one.

Yunho had broken the news to him discreetly on the phone. He'd picked it up, amidst the shrieks and laughter. Shooing his husband and their two kids from the dining room, he'd taken the call, but not before checking if the line was tapped.

"Don't worry." Yunho laughed hollowly. "I've been keeping an eye on you and your boys. Line's secure"

Junsu smiled, finding it hilarious how Yunho always classed Changmin in with their two adopted kids: Jaewon and Hansoo.

"What happened, hyung?" He asked, cutting straight down to the chase. Yunho never called unless it was something serious or something concerning Jaejoong and Yoochun. The smile disappeared and features twisted with bitterness. They'd been touted the two with the most potential by Jung Yunho who had led them back in their glory days.

Well, things had changed. Junsu was stuck with Changmin who remembered none of it except for Junsu's face and Jaejoong's name. That did nothing but increase the rift between Junsu and Jaejoong. They'd been so busy impersonating one another, the line had blurred for one person.

"Dead body found in a Seoul hotel room." Yunho said, low soothing tone barely heard over the static. Junsu didn't need to ask to repeat that. His mind had already supplied the answer and now his heart broke as he fell down on the sofa, fingers still loosely attached to the receiver. The low tone continued to speak, he heard the facts in a daze. "Bathroom found clean, the body was drained completely of blood. Carvings found on victim's back, letters on the spine. My mole in the post mort department just sent me a report, they're trying to make those out. The murder weapon was a knife. It was found near the body, wrapped in ribbon along with a note."


"Well," Junsu asked, knees trembling involuntarily. His eyes were fixed on the television, blank. "What did that bastard leave for me?"

"Dry your eyes." Yunho whispered.

When Junsu got angry, which was rare, it was a lasting thing. His anger grew until knuckles were white around the receiver, he could see that pale, pretty face smiling at him mockingly and he made a silent promise to himself, to Yoochun and most especially, to Jaejoong.

"Where is he?" Junsu whispered.

"He cut the line before I could find out, Junsuyah." Yunho said carefully.

"You listen to me," Junsu growled, all traces of the good-natured smile from before vanished. All that remained on his face was a deadly blank mask. "I'm going to find that bastard. Don't care who I need to get my hands on to find Kim. I'll make your life miserable, you hear me, Buchou? You know whom I'm taking care of. Changmin is with me, in my custody. Do you know I've got him under my thumb?"

"Don't kill him," Yunho sighed, sounding beaten down and tired. "Dongsaeng, have mercy please. Not Changmin of all people."

"I know you love him." Junsu said, voice filled with menace now. "So for the man you love, you'd do anything. Wouldn't you? I know I'm going to."

Yunho made a strangled sound. "He's headed back to his hometown." He said quickly. "Jaejoong asked me to tell you that."

Junsu laughed. He laughed hysterically, eyes overbright with too much emotion. "You pass along the message," He said huskily. "That I'm looking highly foward to our meeting."

"You two never played nice." Yunho said sadly.

"We never did." Junsu agreed, crossing one of his legs, the tips of his ears now scarlet. The shaking ceased only for a moment. His arms were covered with goosebumps. Any minute now, he was going to burst into tears but definitely not with Yunho. He knew his hyung thought tears were a sign of weakness.

"Leave a note saying you've left him for good." Yunho murmured. The words were an open threat and negotiation. "Don't ever think of coming back to Changmin. You're on your own now."

"Going to move in now?" Junsu mocked. "Well, I've held on to him for as long as I could. Never knew Changmin could make you so weak, hyung."

"You know why Jaejoong and I never touched you two." Yunho said angrily. "He loves you, you gave up your old way of life. We thought it best to leave you both alone."

"Now Jaejoong's gone apeshit, hyung." Junsu sneered. "He's finished Yoochun. Now he's running away back home like a scared little boy, running away from me. You want to know what I'm going to do when I find him? What I'm planning to do to him?"

Yunho listened to the quietly uttered, yet menacing words, saying nothing. He cut the call and Junsu placed the receiver back in place, coldly planning and deliberating.

Killing Jaejoong wasn't going to be easy. His ex would never make it that simple.

Later, he sat in Yoochun's luxurious office and cleaned out drawers that Yunho had given him access to. One photo fell out from a top-secret file and he stared at it. It was a picture of Jaejoong, Yoochun and him. Arms around each other, complete in black suits and shades. Killers, best friends, lovers. It had all gone to dust so soon. They'd both never loved each other as much as they loved Yoochun. Jaejoong and Junsu had never played nice.

Junsu had a rather bad habit, his lovers had once told him, of concentrating on something so much he blocked out everything else.

Well now, it was going to come in handy, he told himself grimly. His brain was filled with nothing else but Jaejoong, how to find him, kill him, make him cry and bleed so much he'd be begging for death.

Changmin had just been a small period of rest. He was back into the run, spoiling for a fight. This time, he'd win and it'd all be for the man he loved. One ex down for the other.

He let himself give into tears in Yoochun's office. His lover would have never minded it like Yunho did. Junsu cried for the moments they'd shared, for Jaejoong's betrayal and the fact that through it all, he'd always loved Yoochun.

(I'll suck your blood and tears out till there's nothing left of your soul. I'll have my revenge and you'll be fucked up so bad you'll wish you never loved him. He was mine, never yours.)

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