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Blood and Tears[1/3]

Blood and Tears

Jaejoong/Yoochun in this part (main), Yoochun/Junsu, Junsu/Jaejoong, Yoochun/Jaejoong/Junsu, R for violence.
Noir, Lemon, 1058 w.

Weaknesses were supposed to be exploited and Jaejoong on his knees was irresistible. Yoochun could never get enough of it.

A/N: So this part is Dry your eyes. Title from Sleeping with Ghosts by Placebo which was listened to on repeat. :| :D

Dry your eyes

He stood, proud and yet defeated, staring at himself in the bathroom mirror. Jaejoong let an index finger run across his bruised lower lip, feeling the deep cut in the mirror. He watched himself, tongue darting out to lick and lap up the saltiness.

Arms closed around his waist and he tensed for only a second. The embrace tightened, nearly crushing him and threatening to suffocate. Fingers slipped under his shirt. They felt cold and wet. When Yoochun pressed up completely against him, Jaejoong realized his dongsaeng was sopping wet.

"Did you kill him?" Jaejoong cocked his head to the side, smiling at his reflection in the mirror. It twisted his face and made him look too unreal. Reality looked ugly, he decided. Nothing like illusions to disguise the ugly edges coupled with candle light. Lips latched on to his neck, warm and assuring. Yoochun busied himself in pulling Jaejoong's shirt free from his pants.

Yoochun looked up and stared at their reflections in the mirror too. Jaejoong looked at his lover's reflection, grabbing Yoochun's index finger and taking it fully in his mouth. He sucked with intent, biting a little hard when Yoochun rocked his hips and rubbed against the cleft of his ass.

"He had a bullet proof vest on." Yoochun said in his ear, nipping his lobe gently. "We're considered dead, Jaejoong."

Jaejoong turned around. He smiled at Yoochun, a come hither one. It worked, Yoochun peeled his pants off. They laughed, fumbling and trying to get each other naked. Arms looped around Yoochun's neck and fingers made their way into messy, dark hair. Yoochun needed a haircut desperately. Too bad only Jaejoong was around. Those locks were going to be trimmed (chopped) rather clumsily in the morning to make for one uneven crop.

"So what did you put for names in the register book downstairs?" Jaejoong ran his tongue all over Yoochun's protruding Adam's apple. He stared at the little red teeth marks all over Yoochun's throat and unbuttoned his lover's shirt, working on leaving more. Yoochun always pretended to be pissy about it. He didn't particularly care. It was something they both needed to do to each other. Unbuckling the belt around the skinny jeans, Jaejoong bent down and shoved his tongue in Yoochun's navel, licking up the little moisture collected in there.

"I'm Jung and you're Kim." Jaejoong looked up at him, incredulous.

"The other-"

"The other Kim." Yoochun confirmed, burying his hands in Jaejoong's hair.

Jaejoong breathed out, face on Yoochun's crotch, hot puffs of air making his lover shudder. Weaknesses were supposed to be exploited and Jaejoong on his knees was irresistible. Yoochun could never get enough of it. "Junsu's sick of me impersonating him. He keeps forgetting he has to be me to cover bases."

"I wouldn't know the difference." Yoochun said cheekily. Jaejoong scraped his nails hard down the skin of Yoochun's back, stopping as he heard the quietly muttered 'sorry'.

"We're so different, Yoochunah." Jaejoong whispered. "All we share is the same last name."

"And the ability to drive me insane?" Yoochun added. Jaejoong sticks out his lower lip, unzipping the fork slowly. He fists Yoochun through his underwear. Their breathing accelerated, shallow and fast.

"When it comes to the skill of drawing things out," Jaejoong said, yanking Yoochun's underwear down and smiling at how hard his lover is already. "You have to admit I'm unparalleled."

Black hair was tousled and Yoochun ran his hands through the silky strands mechanically, placing them in their usual parting. He let his thumbs rest on Jaejoong's cheekbones, caressing tenderly. They traversed down to find that still-so-pretty split lower lip, squeezing hard to draw out one tiny bubble of blood.

"How did you kill him when you found he had the vest on?" Jaejoong asked him softly, eyes alight with so much raw need and want it made Yoochun shiver.

"I made him cry," Yoochun said sadly. "Then I cried too, kissed him as much as he asked. He cried more when I blinded him. I cried too, it was hard not to. But you-you wouldn't have cried."

One tear slowly ran down his lover's cheek. Jaejoong stood up, kissing him hard. Their bodies moved gracelessly, one gorgeous mess of tears and blood. Jaejoong stuck his hand in the backpocket of Yoochun's jeans, finding the knife. He ran it down his lover's back. The sharp silver blade moved with precision, ripping Yoochun's shirt cleanly, taking skin along in the process. Blood messed the white material, drip-drip-drip on the floor.

With one hand pumping Yoochun slowly, Jaejoong asked him, smiling sweetly. "What do you want me to write?"

"Soulmate," Yoochun said, looking straight into Jaejoong's eyes.

They stood in the bathroom, clinging each other tightly. One hand moved slowly, carving the letters, uncaring as blood ran freely now, as freely as the tears. Jaejoong fisted his lover and they kissed fiercely, tongues rubbing.

"Dry your eyes." Jaejoong whispered.

"You didn't answer my question." Yoochun's features were contorted in pain. "Did you kill him, baby?"

"Look at me." He managed to get out, dull pain making him numb. Most of his weight was supported by Jaejoong now. "Do you think I would have let him get away with betraying you?"

When Yoochun took his last breaths, Jaejoong already had him lying down on the blood splattered tiles. He cradled Yoochun's head in his arms, kissing every inch of his face and crying just as much.

"You didn't kill him." He said brokenly. It wasn't a question, just a statement of what he'd known all along. Truth was ugly, he'd let this last hour belong to him and Yoochun. They deserved it.

"You would have killed me anyway." Yoochun tried to smile despite the pain, despite the fact that he was losing blood like crazy. "That's how angry you were with me."

"Didn't do as I told you to." Jaejoong whispered. "I had to. You loved him too."

"You both possess the ability to drive me insane." The tears had dried now, leaving tracks of evidence. Jaejoong was the only one crying quietly now, like a beaten animal.

"Dry your eyes," Yoochun smiled.

Yoochun died without saying it but the truth was belligerent, shoving the cold, hard fact down Jaejoong's throat.

(He's coming for you. He'll suck your tears and blood out for revenge. He's coming to kill you. There'll be no mercy spared, soulmate. Dry your eyes.)

Tags: pairing: jaejoong/junsu, pairing: yoochun/jaejoong, pairing: yoochun/jaejoong/junsu, series: blood and tears
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